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Poster presentations

Health and violence

  1. Shaping realities of response to sexual violence in Kenya: Multisectoral engagement
    Caroline Ajema, Lilian Artz and D Cooper
  2. Alternate light source in forensic examiner programs: Research findings and clinical implications
    Jocelyn Anderson and Erin Pollitt
  3. Establishment of sexual violence intervention in an urban setting: Médecins Sans Frontières, Mathare project, Nairobi, Kenya
    Margaret Bell, Tane Luna, Harriet Ayikoru and Michael Wambui Njuguni
  4. Domestic and sexual violence within couples: Challenges in providing context-adapted medical care
    Juliette Letanneux, William Hennequin, Jane Irungu, Juma Mukabane and Patricia Kahn
  5. Sexual violence and women’s health: Educating future clinicians
    Sarah Rockefeller, Jan Coles and Gabrielle Casper
  6. Health services for sexual and gender-based violence: MSF’s Experience in Lae, Papua New Guinea
    Meggy Verputten, Kamalini Lokuge and Biana Tolbloom
  7. The association between intimate partner violence and mental health (depression and anxiety) among networks of youth at risk in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania
    Kajula L.J, Kilonzo M.N, Hill L.M and Maman S
  8. Study on violence among nursing students in an institution in India
    Jagbir Malik
  9. How nurses in Johannesburg address Intimate Partner Violence (IPV) in female patients: Understanding IPV responses in low and middle-income country health systems
    Courtenay Sprague, Abigail Hatcher, Nataly Woollett and Vivian Black
  10. A qualitative assessment of psychosocial consequences of sexual violence-related pregnancies in eastern Democratic Republic of Congo
    Jennifer Scott, Shada Rouhani, Colleen Mullen, Philipp Kuwert, Ashley Greiner, Katherine Albutt, Gillian Burkhardt, Monica Onyango, Michael VanRooyen and Susan Bartels

Prevalence of sexual and intimate partner violence across contexts

  1. Prevalence of intimate partner violence and emotional abuse during pregnancy and postpartum period in an urban public sector clinic in Durban, South Africa
    Crankshaw T.L, Gibbs A, Mosery N, Luthuli F, Zulu B, Smit J and Tomlinson M
  2. Comparison of prevalence of intimate partner violence and rape from male and female reports and women’s risk factors for IPV: Findings from the UN Multi-country Cross-sectional Study on Men and Violence in Asia and the Pacific
    Rachel Jewkes, Emma Fulu, Ruchira Tabassam Naved, Tim Roselli, Esnat Chirwa, Kristin Dunkle and Claudia Garcia-Moreno
  3. National Intimate Partner and Sexual Violence Survey: 2010 Findings on violence against American Indian and Alaska native women and men
    Andre Rosay
  4. National survey of gender-based violence victimization and perpetration in Somalia
    Andrea Wirtz, Nancy Perrin, Amelie Desgroppes and Nancy Glass
  5. Too much sex(ual violence) in a small community
    Bailey Gerrits and Rebecca Rappeport

Tools and methods

  1. Measuring attitudes towards gender relations among men and women in Gauteng Province (SA): Development and evaluation of the Gender Relationship Attitudes Scale
    Esnat Chirwa, Nicola Christofides, Kristin Dunkle and Rachel Jewkes
  2. Methodologies for collective impact processes to end gender based violence
    Nosipho Twala, Millicent Phillips and Michel Friedman
  3. Defining priorities for AmplifyChange: Findings from the development of an evidence-based eligibility criteria for a new sexual and reproductive health and rights fund for civil society movements
    Alex le May and Rolla Khadduri
  4. Data management of a cohort study on the health impact of rape: Experiences from the Rape Impact Cohort Evaluation
    Naeemah Abrahams, Carl Lombard and Shibe Mhlongo
  5. Implementing sexual violence programs: Ethical and practical challenges faced by Médecins Sans Frontières in upholding and adapting legal rules framing medical care and protection of victims of sexual violence
    Françoise Bouchet-Saulnier and Ondine Ripka
  6. Rape Impact Cohort Evaluation (RICE) Study - challenges and lessons learned in the managing of a large complex longitudinal study
    Alesha Sewnath and Naeemah Abrahams
  7. “I need a megaphone so that the community can hear us!” Lessons learned through the listening sessions of South Sudan
    Dashakti Reddy, Christine Apio, Annet Kiden and Carmen Lowry
  8. Terminations of Sexual Violence-Related Pregnancies in Eastern Democratic Republic of Congo: An evaluation of processes and outcomes
    Shada A. Rouhani, Jennifer Scott, Ashley Greiner, Katherine Albutt, Sadia Haider, Gillian Burkhardt, Monica Adhiambo Onyango, Michael VanRooyen and Susan Bartels

Men and masculinities

  1. Engaging young men and women in Rwanda in gender transformation to prevent sexual and intimate partner violence to promote sexual and reproductive health and rights
    Emily Fischer, Kate Doyle and Shamsi Kazimbaya
  2. Associations between men’s perpetration of violence, transactional sex with women, and sex with sex workers: Findings from the UN Multi-Country Study of Men and Violence in Asia and the Pacific
    Kristin Dunkle, Esnat Chirwa, Emma Fulu, Xian Warner, Ruchira Tabassam Naved and Rachel Jewkes
  3. Perpetration of partner violence among adolescent males in four global cities: Prevalence and correlates
    Sarah Peitzmeier, Yan Cheng, Sinead Delany-Moretlwe, Rajib Acharya and Michele Decker
  4. Conversa de Homens – Conversations with Men - Helping men deconstruct gender and traditional norms that sustain violence and build skills to manage anger and break the cycle of violence
    Valuarda Monjane, Maria Dirce Pinho, Júlio Langa and João Chongo
  5. Partners for Prevention II: Enhancing capacity to develop and implementation programmes to prevent violence against women in Asia and the Pacific
    Kathleen Taylor
  6. Addressing the intergenerational transmission of gender-based violence: Focus on educational settings
    Leigh Stefanik, Stephanie Perlson and Margaret Greene
  7. Survivor’s experiences of conflict sexual and gender based violence in Africa and the role of faith based organisations
    Helen Liebling
  8. Future leaders views on gender based violence in Sri Lanka
    Elisabeth Darj, Kumudu Wijewardena, Gunilla Lindmark and Pia Axemo
  9. “We are not safe in our hearts, something must be wrong there.” Former combatants in Rwanda: Trauma, loss and increased risk of intimate partner violence
    Henny Slegh

Violence against children and adolescents

  1. Child homicide: A systematic review of the perpetrators of child homicide worldwide
    Heidi Stöckl, Alison Morris, Charlotte Watts and Naeemah Abrahams
  2. Characteristics of child sexual violence victims in a Kenyan slum Mathare MSF project, Nairobi, Kenya
    Caroline Pontvert, Linet Okong’o, Judie Ouko, Jemimah Makonjio and Marie Rose Moro
  3. How to improve counseling children in a context of sexual violence: An example from Mathare MSF project, Nairobi, Kenya
    Caroline Pontvert, Linet Okong’o, Judie Ouko, Jemimah Makonjio and Marie Rose Moro
  4. Physical and emotional abuse of young adolescents at the hands of adults in the Western Cape
    Loraine Townsend, Catherine Mathews, Sander Eggers, Mariette Momberg, Hein de Vries and Petrus de Vries
  5. Understanding infanticide in South Africa: From a mother’s perspective
    Bianca Dekel, M Andipatin and Naeemah Abrahams
  6. LifeBoard: Using gamification to effectively educate learners about gender based violence in Gauteng, South Africa
    Kalliste Khun
  7. Reduce violence against women and girls in Nepal
    Geeta Devi Pradhan
  8. Adolescent attitudes towards gender inequality and experiences of gender based violence
    Shahana Rasool
  9. Perceptions of childhood exposure to domestic violence as a pre-disposing factor for revictimization in adulthood
    Jill Ryan and Nicolette Roman


  1. Good School Study process evaluation: Exploring delivery, adoption and reach of the Good School Toolkit intervention
    Louise Knight, Mirembe, A, Nakuti, J Kyegombe, N, Namy, S, Naker, D and Devries, K
  2. Development of a primary prevention intervention for youth use of violence and alcohol in post-conflict eastern Democratic Republic of Congo
    Anjalee Kohli, Nancy Perrin, Mitima Mpanano Remy, Nancy Glass and the Pigs for Peace team
  3. Test-retest reliability of self-reported violence measures: Results from the Stepping Stones and Creating Futures pilot intervention
    Andrew Gibbs and Leandri Pretorius
  4. Community-based strategies to address sexual violence in Nairobi slums
    Juliette Letanneux, William Hennequin, Jane Irungu, Juma Mukabane and Patricia Kahn
  5. How to integrate prevention of sexual abuse into school curriculum: Experiences from Switzerland
    Karin Stierlin and Deborah Fry
  6. A community-based intervention for improving health-seeking behavior among sexual violence survivors: A controlled before and after design study in rural Tanzania
    Muzdalifat Abeid, Projestine Muganyizi, Rose Mpembeni, Elisabeth Darj and Pia Axemo

Trafficking, sexual exploitation and violence against vulnerable groups

  1. The recovery and (re)integration of children who have been trafficked for commercial sexual exploitation: A review of promising policies and practices
    Yvonne Rafferty
  2. Gender-based violence in the continuum from public to private space: Findings from research with vulnerable groups in Senegal
    Danielle Roth and Cheikh Amadou Bamba
  3. Gender based violence among female sex workers in Mombasa, Kenya: Prevalence, patterns, and associations with substance abuse
    Sarah Roberts, Ruth Deya, Jaqueline Ngina, Linnet Masese and Suzanne M Graham
  4. Sexual torture: Refugee and asylum seekers lived experiences and psychosocial adjustment in a clinical setting in Gauteng, South Africa
    Marinda Kotzé, Dominique Dix-Peek and Admire Mlilo
  5. Sexual violence among men: An invisible issue
    Juliette Letanneux, William Hennequin, Jane Irungu, Juma Mukabane and Patricia Kahn
  6. Reducing sex and gender based violence among female sex workers in Chipata, Zambia
    Ndhlovu M and Silukena M

Health and justice

  1. Promising practice: Integrating gender and gender based violence into community based organization capacity building, HIV prevention, counselling and testing programmes
    Hayley Bryant, Edith Morch, Rosalia Miguel, Candida Quintano and Jeremias Muanatraca
  2. Investigating drug-facilitated sexual offences in adult survivors at the Clinical Forensic Unit, Victoria Hospital, Cape Town, South Africa
    Marianne Tiemensma, Bronwen Davies, Alicia Evans and Lorna Martin
  3. Intimate partner violence and unprotected sex in high-risk HIV-positive Kenyan women
    Kate Wilson, R Deya, K Yuhas, J Simoni, A Vander Stoep, J Shafi, W Jaoko, B.A Richardson, J.P Hughes and R.S McClelland
  4. Addressing gender-based violence through the HIV program platform in Mbeya, Tanzania: Assessing opportunities to reach survivors and communities
    Susan Settergren, Megan Dunbar, Lusajo Kajula, Hussein Kamugisha, Felix Kisanga, Jessie Mbwambo, Stella Mujaya and Wasima Rida
  5. Tchova Tchova Life Stories (TTHV): Community dialogues/gender tool on HIV /AIDS prevention in Mozambique
    Felisberto Massingue, Valuarda Monjane and Maria Dirce Pinho
  6. Gender-based violence & subsequent risk of abuse in a prospective cohort over 20 years of follow-up
    Michele R. Decker, Lorie Benning, Susan Sherman, Kathleen Weber and Elizabeth Golub
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